Today new Carp were introduced to the lake up to 5lb in weight. Some great photos of the fish can be seen below. We still have space available for this season please contact us for more details.

I fished the lake on Monday I had roach rudd perch carp bream all came to red maggots size 16 hook 3lb line the carp went to 20 lb 2lb + rudd roach to 9oz not bad for feb, cold very cold feet like ice blocks, I'll get back to working on the park now to warm up

The lake is fishing very well to the robin red pellets size 6 and 8 also the source same size

half a prawn also working . we have had roach to just under 2lb rudd to 1lb 8oz bream to 6lb and lots off mixed catches carp to 27lb 9oz


bread flake and chopped worm for roach chub and carp


small carp to sweetcorn. roach and rudd to red maggots and a 16lb carp to pellet pics in gallery.


Best fish 22lb 14 oz caught this season, the largest stocked is 30lb!

17/10 2012. Golden Tench and small carp are showing to red maggots lots of roach

2013 off to a good start two nice carp to red maggots on a cold february morning pic on the gallery