Exclusive private fishing lake ideal for fishing holidays in Norfolk, with fishing available from dawn to dusk. Night fishing at the discretion of the owners.

You will need a UK fishing rod licence.

Carp, Chub, Bream, Roach, rudd, Ide, Green & Golden Tench. Crucian Carp & Perch.


1. Use right size landing net for size of fish, we can supply landing nets on arrival
2. Use unhooking mat for all large fish
3. Barbless hooks only, sizes 10 to 16
4. No Boilies (hook bait only)
5. No halibut pellets (hook bait only)
6. No tiger nuts
7. No surface fishing baits
8. No excessive baiting
9. Semi Fixed/Running rigs only
10. Carp sacks are not allowed
11. No mainline braid
12. No fires or BBQ's on the lake side
13. Two rods only. Do not leave unattended
14. Please respect other users of park
15. All litter, that includes cigarette butts into bin
16. No fish to be moved or taken from lake
17. Photos taken over unhooking mat
18. All large fish returned by net or weigh sling
19. No keep nets

If you have any questions regarding fishing holidays in Norfolk call us today on 07807 940882 we'll be happy to help with any enquiries.